Fay Goodman

Creator and author Fay Goodman works with a dedicated health and welfare professionals in areas of Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Dance, Medical, and various martial artists.

She has studied many martial arts since age 14 including Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Shodin Tao, Iaido, Jodo and other weapon arts.  

Martial Arts

In Iaido, Fay holds 7th Dan (Kyoshi) in Iaido and 6th Dan (Renshi) in Jodo. She is the founder of Shinto Ryu (combination system of Karate Aikido and Jujitsu) for easily accessible self defence. Fay is also acknowledged as one of the leading authors on various martial arts to promote the many benefits having written the highly acclaimed ‘Self Defence for All’ which featured on the popular Australian TV Soap Series ‘Neighbours’ and ‘The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts’ translated into over 30 languages available around the world.

As an international leading female martial arts exponent Fay sincerely believes in the benefits a true martial arts discipline and dedicated teacher can give us with regards to the development of our mind, body and spirit towards seeking health, wellbeing and harmony in our lives. 


Fay is a composer/performer having five albums to her credit faychinadoll.co.ukKokoro (Spirit of the Heart) her first album and second album Creative Spirit focus on healing and inner calm.  Head in the Clouds has been called ‘oriental pop’ featuring a range of music to compliment various emotions of happiness and calm. I know I have a Heart captures the emotions of love.


Combined with music Fay believes we can elevate our inner calm, energy and focus to face many challenges in life.