What is Shefuay?

'SHEFUAY' is a combination of the far eastern word Shefu - meaning 'enjoy open-mindedness’ and 'skilful person or master’. 'Fay' is the author's name meaning ‘faithful’.

The concept of SHEFUAY encourages a meaningful quality of life for longevity achieved through a unique combination of martial arts, martial dance, personal safety and healing music.

With increasing health and welfare concerns in our society such as obesity, mental health, stress, bullying and the fear of being attacked, SHEFUAY positively seeks unique and accessible ways through self-empowerment.

SHEFUAY has a strong social value in providing a system which is easily accessible for all members of our communities.  A new look at how we can improve our mental and physical wellbeing whilst learning a self defence system to protect ourselves.  Our quality of life is so important.  Shefuay seeks to bring harmony and inner calm into our daily lives, by working with our inner power.

SHEFUAY works with who we are, what we are and how we can draw on positive energy and emotions of Peace, Harmony, Gratitude, Happiness, and Contentment to deal with any circumstance. 

SHEFUAY is currently in production.  If you wish to be kept informed of when the courses will be available please send your email details on our contact page - thank you.